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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005   Universe Expansion, New Race
Today the universe was expanded by roughly 50% with two brand new clusters, the Federation Rashkir Core and the neutral North Pardus Rim.
There are now fifty more sectors, with most of them situated in the Rashkir cluster inhabited by a new race, the Rashkir.


All new players will sign up as Rashkir for the next weeks, until the new clusters are well populated.

The universe now also contains two X-holes which shorten trade route distances, and a new very strong opponent, the X993 Mothership.
A new neutral building, the hidden laboratory, provides all despised pirates with two new equipment types: Cloaking devices and a secret utensil which should help keeping repair costs lower after combat.
Both these equipment types are outlawed in the Federation as well as in the Empire.

Hidden Laboratory

Besides, there have been some "minor" updates, such as two VIP job types, and a new sophisticated standard ship, the Liberator.


Have fun!

The Pardus Team

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