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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005   New ambush system, long range smuggling
In our effort to make piracy more interesting, the ambush system was completely overhauled:

Ships can set a retreat point before laying their ambush; they will automatically steer to this point and cloak after their ambush was triggered and combat has ended. This is a huge improvement and reduction of risk, as the old system required pirates to be online for being able to raid passing victims and hide from retaliations.
Also a lot of new options were added in the new ambush-interface:
conditions to include or exclude factions, alliances, individuals, and minimum bounty rewards for bounty hunters.

Another important update is the ship equipment "magnetic scoop" which can add up to 150t of external cargo capacity to a vessel, with increased movement costs. This should be very useful for raiding big trade vessels by acting as a "lootsack". Thanks to our player AbyssalSquid and others for posting useful ideas like that in the feature request forum!

Raiding without valuable resources is useless; that - and to give incentives for various gameplay-styles - is a reason why contraband was introduced, in the form of 4 new "commodities":

Human Intestines
Ska'ari Limbs
Keldon Brains
Rashkir Bones

These are available in dark corners of all non-neutral blackmarkets and can be sold for big money in distant regions.

Last but not least a new midlevel faction mission was added which requires to transport unstable explosives. The rewards are higher than for the usual transport missions, but so are the risks.

Who knows what else will change in the Pardus universe over the next weeks and months..

The Pardus Team

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