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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005   Laser/Armor classes
Another big feature was added recently - the separation of lasers and weapons into these four classes:

Available on all planets and starbases, these weapons are the base of most space warfare. Conventional weapons use classic energy-focusing methods such as lasers; conventional armors are alloys from highly purified metals. Though this kind of equipment has shown to be very robust, more and more pilots switch to advanced hyper-technologies.

Mostly scooped and extracted from genetically engineered space maggots, worms and amoebas, this armor/laser-class is available at Bio-Tech Research Stations.

In experiments with mostly Blue Crystals, scientists discover new secrets of the most powerful forces - electro-magnetism - on an almost weekly basis. Available at EM-Tech Research Stations.

Only rumours and stories exist about the ancient Pardus weapons. No positive confirmation of their existence has been reported by living creatures in the universe of today.

Between these classes there are certain efficiency relations - i.e. attacking an organic armor with electro-magnetic weapons inflicts 125% of the base damage. Details are in the manual.

The new weapons and armors can be bought at neutral buildings, the Research Stations, which are a scarcity in the universe.

Research Station

Besides the use for Player-vs-Player combat, with this change non-player opponents are given more distinct features.

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