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Monday, February 28th, 2005   New Reputation system, and more
Yesterday the Reputation system was completely overhauled. The new system introduces 3 separate reputation values for every player, where each one indicates one's alignment to the three factions Federation, Empire, and Union.

Between factions there are 4 possible relationships: Good, Neutral, Tensions, and War.
In times of wars (or tensions) between factions, pilots can increase their reputations or even ranks by destroying ships of the opposing faction.

This feature should increase game action and faction loyalties, and is a first step on the long road to make piracy more appealing.

Besides, three new ships were introduced; one intermediate fighter and two high-end ships of Federation and Empire that can be purchased only if the highest rank is reached.
A new, strong but very rare, opponent - the Medusa - was added.

Doom StarMooncrusherMedusa

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