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Monday, January 31st, 2005   Huge influx of new players
Pardus was mentioned in the popular FHM Friday Newsletter on Jan.28th:
“This is a must see game,” wrote Portuguese Marco. “It is a massive multiplayer something like Star Wars, take a look and you won't regret it... “We had a glimpse. Let us know if it’s the dog’s testicles.

Thanks to this event our registration and online statistics skyrocketed in the past week - an amazing amount of more than 1300 new players joined within a couple of days and over 1000 people were online in the first 24 hours!
We welcome all our new pilots and wish them good luck; also big thanks to FHM and Marco for mentioning us!
So far our server was able to handle the exploding load. We will take all possible measures to preserve the performance while keeping Pardus free of cost.

As the Empire Keldon Core Cluster is now saturated with enough players, all previous starting worlds are opened up. Registering players are now free to choose Human or Ska'ari again.
In about a week we are going to continue development, with focus on improving piracy options, increasing game action, and universe expansion.

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