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Thursday, January 20th, 2005   Recapitulation
Four months have passed since we made the Pardus Alpha public; the 5000-registered-players mark will be reached soon.

Time to recapitulate - very much has happened:

  • Over 20 player-alliances have been formed so far.
  • More than 160000 non-player opponents have been eliminated.
  • Over 200 million turns have been used up.
  • A total of 380 GB traffic.
  • Four clusters -consisting of 104 sectors- have been populated by players.
  • 121 announced development steps. Internally, the Pardus project has reached revision 1336.

There have been a lot of inter-alliance battles, even wars, and countless diplomatic struggles and negotiations over territory, resources and acts of piracy. Traders have gained billions of credits and helped planets and starbases to gain huge populations with supply runs and private buildings. Fighters have trained their skills, collected bounties, or raided other players and buildings.

Also, as most of our players noticed, there is not enough piracy going on at the moment. This is why we are going to begin realizing our plans to improve balance and increase game action after our university exam period, which should end in some weeks.

Last but not least we want to thank our players for investing a huge amount of time creating valuable tools, maps, and websites devoted to Pardus, and for testing the game.

Most importantly, have fun!

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