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Saturday, September 14th, 2019   Happy 15th Birthday, Pardus!
Early this year war concluded in Orion between the Union and the Empire. While many stories of courage and audacity have been shared about this war, commentators view it as a devastating loss to the Union. This comes just months after the Empire subjugated the Federation in a war last year.

While Artemis and Pegasus have seen no wars, lots of altercations still took place. Artemis has experienced a condensing of alliances as pilots seek the protection and bonuses of bigger communities. Talks of a second war in Pegasus have been heard but eventually faded as pilots fought incursions of the Vyrex and Locusts.

Once again this year has seen international Pardus gatherings. The PardSchnitzel in Vienna took place in February with players in attendance from the United States, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, and Austria. The traditional London PardTea held in August was another success, with players this year participating in events over several days.

We wish you continued enjoyment in Pardus and Pardus gatherings in the coming year!
Fly safe,
The Pardus Devs

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