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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004   More players and new sectors on the way
There's been an overwhelming number of signups so far. We're also proud to have players from all over the world - here are some statistics:

USA 42%
Germany 16%
Russia 14%
Great Britain 8%
Austria 3%
Canada 3% ...

Thanks to all players the economy is flourishing in Pardus. Most planets and starbases, also in distant sectors, have been made habitable and more and more colonists are arriving. That's why we think we could need some new sectors. Well, it will not only be some new sectors, but 2 brand new clusters, each one about as big as the current universe.

We'd also like to welcome the first alliance created by players, the Free Trade Syndicate.

Another important matter that has to be mentioned is players signing up more than one account or breaking any other game rules. We have dealt and will deal with such cases, most times this means banishment and removal of all accounts. So please read the rules before signing up, you save both us developers and yourself time.

Like in the last news, we would like to thank the websites that support us by referring to us, elite-games.ru, onrpg.com and all the others we don't know about.

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