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Friday, September 14th, 2018   Happy 14th birthday Pardus!
Today we are celebrating the 14th anniversary since the open alpha of Pardus went online.

This year Pardus players met in real life at two international events, which were wholly organized by the community. The "PardBeer" was held in April in Dallas, and the annual "PardTea" this August in London once again. If you are interested in meeting fellow Pardusians keep your eyes on the forum. The next meetup, "PardSchnitzel", is already in planning and will take place in Vienna in February.

However, in stark contrast to these pleasant in person communications, ingame interaction has not been as harmonic: Orion has seen the most devastating war so far, with the Empire crushing the Federation, even raiding and looting the Federation home sector of Sol and the starbases within it.

This, Pardus' 14th year, has seen another first: the revolt against smelting facilities owned by faction leadership. While the first attempt at destroying a "faction smelter" failed, a second attempt with dozens of participants from all factions comprising of thousands of attacks succeeded. The Empire home sector of Ska in Orion is now without faction-led smelting facility. Preparations are underway to also rid the universe of Lucidi military outposts - this however may prove to be a greater challenge to these determined pilots.

We wish you continued fun in our free browser game,
The Pardus Team

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