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Saturday, July 8th, 2017   Game Improvements
Today some small features were added to improve the gameplay experience for our pilots.

We have made several improvements to buildings - we added a balance column to indicate consumption and production at the next tick, new buildings are automatically added to the sector index, and starbase owners are now notified when fighter and bomber squadrons are hired from their starbase.

Legendary Crew Members now have a career log, pilots can view this log and see which pilot a crew member previously flew with and for how long.

Xkrt ZbhtlommkXkrt Zbhtlommk
The Hellbent Collector
Xkrt Zbhtlommk served on a Harrier ship, the Xanian, for approximately 25 days from Jun 14th 2017. He was hired on Nubia (which is in Nubuun, in Nub) by the pilot Crashtest Mike.
No faction affiliation

Our premium players can now enable chat activity icons in their message bar to indicate recent posts. The community is an important part of Pardus and this allows pilots to be aware of activity even when taking on fearsome monsters.

We wish you continued fun in Pardus,
The Developers

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