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Wednesday, September 14th, 2016   Happy 12th birthday, Pardus!
Pardus, our free game, went live precisely 12 years ago today - happy birthday! It is great to see that even after all this time the community is still active and welcoming to new players.

In August this year many players gathered in London for what has become an annual event known as the "Pard-Tea". This year one of us was able to attend and greatly enjoyed meeting everyone. An event is also being organized in Vienna for later this year and we hope to meet some more people there too! More information can be found in our in-game forum.

PardTea 2016PardTea 2016

The game has seen some changes this year, it was moved to new servers, the Android app has received updates, ship paints have been expanded and made more durable, ship crew abilities have been expanded, and the Christmas stars brought many surprises - especially for new players. Additionally the community voted for a new feature, Alliance Tasks, part of which has already been implemented with the rest yet to come.

Finally it has been discovered that the Feral Serpent (one of the deadliest creatures in the game) has evolved. Pilots have reported discovering eggs left in the dust of corpses. Though it is as yet unclear what value they have, they already command a high price on the black market.

We hope to see you again soon in space or at a future gathering,
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