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Thursday, January 28th, 2016   New Feature Poll: Collaboration
We kicked off the new year with a new feature poll to determine which feature will be implemented next. The theme of the poll is increased player collaboration. Make your voice heard by commenting on the poll, and voting for one of the following features → Link to poll (need to be logged in, voting possible until Feb 28th):
  • Alliance command station upgrades: An upgraded command station alerts the alliance of many more events, and sends out notifications faster.
  • Alliance ruling body: Autocracy, the current form of alliance leadership, is joined by oligarchy and democracy as options, these distribute the power within an alliance into more or all hands.
  • Alliance tasks: Missions can be set by and for members of an alliance, and reward the pilot who completes the mission with credits, and puts them on the alliance's new contributors ranking.
Many of the proposed features' specifics have been picked from feature requests and discussions in our forum - thank you very much for your continued dedication to Pardus by providing us with well thought-out ideas!

We have also been working on updates to our Android App, to optimize performance, and to fix issues in recent Android versions. The app features local images downloaded once to reduce traffic and improve performance, user-interface customizations through Greasemonkey script support, editable quick buttons and more.

We wish you a happy and successful new year!
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