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Saturday, January 10th, 2015   Happy New Year 2015!
We wish you all a Happy New Year 2015!

With Pardus reaching its 10th birthday in 2014, we have seen several new features throughout the past year. This includes new life forms aggressively spreading through the universes, fundamental updates to the Military Outpost system, and the first experimental ship type added, providing an ever-improving game experience.

The first new set of features this year will be decided by user voting. The poll is open in the forum for every player to vote on and provide feedback. Results of previous polls have led to the introduction of alliance territories and a fine-grained permission system, both now integral parts of Pardus. The current feature poll is directed towards the theme of Trading. Future polls may similarly revolve around single themes, ensuring that player groups can benefit from feature polls independent of its numbers within the player base.

We wish you continued fun with Pardus,
The Developers

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