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Sunday, December 1st, 2013   Ongoing and planned updates, Holiday Offer
We are maintaining the tradition of celebrating the month of December with our special HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS OFFER, available until Dec 31st, including the following benefits for Premium purchasers:

  • +10% Premium time of the purchased product

  • Premium Universe Pass: Additional access to the Pegasus universe for the same amount of days (100%) as the purchased Premium Account after it has expired

  • A special commodity - Christmas Glitter - which can be used as paint, giving your ship christmas colors for 14 days or until January 1st
    Christmas War Nova Christmas Celeus Christmas Behemoth Christmas Harvester Christmas Boa Christmas Scorpion

  • Players gifting a Premium Account will receive this commodity too!

In the last couple of months we have been concentrating on
  • reducing the dependence on user scripts and improving accessibility by implementing features such as quick trade buttons and audio notifications as well as enabling a configurable Standard Command for all players.

  • making piracy a more viable career choice by adding new equipment and locations of The Shadow Syndicate and enabling alternative ways of gaining competency.

  • adding more excitement to the universe with less paths impenetrable for single pilots due to military outposts.
    in planning

Happy holidays,
The Galactic Council

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