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Saturday, September 14th, 2013   Pardus' 9th Birthday
It's the 9th birthday of Pardus!
For thousands of pilots, the last year was a year of combat, economic planning, progress, war, conflict, piracy (as the victim or perpetrator), finding friends and making new enemies. For thousands of players, another year in this very social game has brought the acquaintance of new players (to like or sometimes to dislike them), new friendships, and in some cases very successful real life meetings, such as the recently passed annual London Pardtea. New and old features have been debated to great extent on the forums, while the new method of deciding some of the upcoming features via vote has sparked lots of interest and was met with great participation.

Today, for the second time a feature that had been voted for was implemented: Alliance Territory. Alliances are now able to exert Dominance over sectors through the economy they possess and maintain there. There are various advantages to be earned this way, having the potential to create new dynamics in the interaction of players and giving the community many hours of entertainment and topics for many interesting debates on the forum.

Overview map and statistics of alliance territories

Another change that has been requested numerous times in the traditional manner of the popular Feature Request Forum was also implemented today: The mechanics of diplomatic relations were reevaluated with a rebalancing towards more player control in mind; lobbying, player actions and the traditional voting are now weighted differently so that players can find a new way to impact the inter-faction dealings to find a new equilibrium or to throw it deliberately off balance.

We hope you enjoy tinkering with the new features and wish you another good year with Pardus!
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