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Friday, February 1st, 2013   Feature Poll opened
In an effort to increase community involvement in Pardus, we have created a poll in the forums allowing our players to decide on the immediate future of the game: → Link to poll (need to be logged in, voting possible until February 28th)
The poll includes a set of 5 feature suggestions which are inspired by player requests from our feature request forum:

  • Long-range Trade and Advanced Skills - Goods can be packed and eventually unpacked for an AP cost reducing their size, balance of advanced skills, resource harvesting is improved.

  • Planet Customization and Worker Migration - High-popularity players are able to influence the resource output/consumption of planets and NPC starbases, a new resource called "workers" is added simulating migration.

  • Permissions and Contacts - Players can become either a friend, a foe, or a contact with custom permissions.

  • Special Events and AI - Includes new major events such as Lucidi invasions, pirate raids, vermin infestations spreading through sectors.

  • Mobile Devices and Scripts - The design for playing on devices with smaller resolution and touch displays is improved, popular user scripts are implemented.

We invite all Pardusians to make their voice heard - the outcome of the poll will determine which feature we will work on next. The selected features will be first implemented in Pegasus to honor Premium Account holders and their essential support for the maintenance and further development of Pardus.

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