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Monday, December 24th, 2012   Christmas 2012, Spaceport messages, New image pack
On arrival at a planet's or starbase's spaceport players are now greeted by frequently arriving and departing characters. These may provide a player with hints about trading opportunities, share gossip and rumors, and mention sightings of noteworthy players. They advertise buildings of popular players for free and lavish praise upon them, but also don't shy away from badmouthing or giving away sensitive information about people they dislike.

A new image pack has been added and another one has been majorly updated. Xolarix' IP features a complete overhaul of the user interface of Pardus, and also contains new graphics of ships, squadrons, planets and backgrounds. An interesting variation of it called "Feeling Tiny" is now also selectable on the Account Settings screen. It features smaller buildings and even smaller ships, as well as NPC sizes correlating with their threat level for a more realistic environment.

Preview of the Xolarix Feeling Tiny Image Pack
Preview of Xolarix' "Feeling Tiny" Image Pack

Once again Christmas Star sightings have been reported all throughout the universe, rumored to bring good fortune to those lucky enough to cross paths with one.

Still available is our special HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS OFFER, good until December 31st.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays,
The Galactic Council

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