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Friday, September 14th, 2012   Happy 8th birthday Pardus, have some new features!
Happy 8th birthday, Pardus!

Pardus has been online for 8 years, and has recently passed the 400,000 registered characters mark. To celebrate this special occasion we have implemented a bunch of sexy new features. As always we listened to your numerous feature requests - this time we focused on making the life of traders more interesting. Several new trader-specific pieces of ship equipment have been added, including: Three devices Quick Freeze Module Remote Accounting Module Trader Safety Shield which protect from credit hacks, as well as an improved Bussard Ramscoop Bussard Ramscoop 2.0, Magnetic Scoop Enhanced Magnetic Scoop and Escape Pod Spatial Warp Pod. All of this has been tied to a revolutionary new "popularity" framework where pilots can become respected - even admired - or despised on specific planets and starbases depending on their noble or evil deeds.

The end-of-summer features are rounded off with a long-requested Union gadget, the missile batteries Small Missile Battery Large Missile Battery, and a shiny high-end TSS destroyer, the "Harvester":
New TSS Ship: Harvester

We wish you commercial success, juicy booties and a lot of continued fun with Pardus,
The Devs

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