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Sunday, June 24th, 2012   Summer Features
This year's first batch of summer features has arrived!

Players are now able to restrict access to services and facilities of their faction by declaring Faction Outlaws. Players become outlawed in a faction if enough players in the faction's command structure hold a grudge against them and keep them on their foe-lists. This new feature gives players more control over their faction and allows for exciting power struggles within the command structures. Depending on an Outlaw's friends in another faction, he or she might also just defect - keeping most of the previous rank intact.

Trade ships that do not belong to any faction or syndicate can be purchased after having played for a certain amount of action points, obsoleting any experience requirement. This change was done to help full-time traders whose experience progression is much slower than that of fighters.

Experience requirement dropped

Increased AP regeneration and more bonuses for new players when hitting certain milestones have been added; for details and the full list of changes please review the Announcements forum.

We wish everyone fun with this update and relaxing summer holidays,
The Pardus Developers

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