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Active characters:7,593
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Premium Accounts

Construction and Maintenance of Conventional BuildingsAvailableAvailable
Building Defense Module Types1515
Construction and Maintenance of a StarbaseAvailableAvailable
Running a Paint Shop Available
Starbase Building Types1414
Ship Types accessible5455
Duration 10 days Ship Paint applicableAvailableAvailable
Duration 50 days Ship Paint applicableAvailableAvailable
Permanent Ship Paint applicable Available
Access to Black Markets and Dark CornersAvailableAvailable
PvM CombatAvailableAvailable
Open PvP CombatAvailableAvailable
PvP Combat: AmbushAvailableAvailable
Special Abilities: Teleporting, Hacking, Ship CloakingAvailableAvailable
Entrance to Faction ClustersAvailableAvailable
Entrance to Neutral ClustersAvailableAvailable
Entrance to Pardus Cluster Available
Character creatable in full game universes Available
Character creatable in game universe Pegasus Available
NPC Types encounterable6181
Default Maximum APs50005500
AP Regeneration Rate24 per 6 min.24 per 6 min.
Loss of Experience in case of Ship Destruction5%4%
Loss of Skills in case of Ship Destruction1.5%1.2%
Loss of Equipment Conditions in case of Ship Destruction15%15%
Crew's pay returning to normal value after Ship Destruction~60 days~30 days
Ship equipment available124135
Advanced Combat Skills1818
Advanced General Skills1919
Compact Mode in Bulletin Board and Job Overview Available
Combat Buttons Available
Posting and reading in the ingame Chats: General, Trade, AllianceAvailableAvailable
Nav screen's space chart width9-7-5-311-9-7-5-3
Nav screen's space chart height7-5-39-7-5-3
Chat Colors1725
Chat Lines6020 to 240
Chat Activity IconsAvailable
Reading and posting in the ingame forums: RPG, OOCAvailableAvailable
Reading the Forum Archive (all threads older than 180 days)AvailableAvailable
Starting polls in the ingame forums Available
Private MessagesAvailableAvailable
Attaching a Signature in Private Messages Available
Days after private non-system messages are deleted730
Days after private system messages are deleted330
Refresh rate of the message frame in seconds6030
Trade LogsAvailableAvailable
Mission LogAvailableAvailable
Payment LogAvailableAvailable
Combat LogAvailableAvailable
Days after log entries are deleted315
Career LogAvailableAvailable
Pilot Log Available
Contact Notes Available
Information refresh on Accounts screen60 mins30 mins
Full-APs Email ReminderAvailableAvailable
Email notification of new messages Available
Email notification of new logs Available
Downloading CSV Files of Logs Available
Downloading CSV Files of GNN Running Event News entries Available
Downloading CSV Files of GNN Special Event News entries Available
Downloading CSV Files of War histories Available
Skill Gain Tracking Available
Stats Tracking (Credits, Experience, Rank,..) Available
Stats Comparison Available
Creating an AllianceAvailableAvailable
Joining an AllianceAvailableAvailable
Alliance Features: Positions, Alliance Fund, ...AvailableAvailable
Diplomacy Features: Friend List, Foe List, Contact List, ...AvailableAvailable
Diplomacy Usability: Contact GroupsAvailable
Placing and Collecting BountiesAvailableAvailable
Joining Factions, Faction Careers (except Elite Rank)AvailableAvailable
Faction Elite RankAvailable
Joining Syndicates, Syndicate CareersAvailableAvailable
Ship OrbitersAvailableAvailable
Viewing and Editing Player ProfileAvailableAvailable
Extended Player Profile Available
Standard Nav Command on Central Tile OptionAvailableAvailable
Usable Commodities: Robots, DrugsAvailableAvailable
Access to ingame StatisticsAvailableAvailable
Account Identification by DefaultAvailable
Time of Inactivity to Character Deletion (in the Tutorial)four weeksno deletion *
Time of Inactivity to Character Deletionhalf a yearno deletion *
Time of Inactivity to Account Deletionone yearno deletion *

* Any account that has ever received a non-promotional Premium upgrade is forever exempt from inactivity deletion.

Premium Signup

If you have any questions concerning Premium Accounts, please visit the Premium Accounts FAQ.

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